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Best Murrieta Corrective Exercise Specialist



As the best Murrieta corrective exercise specialist, I offer a fully integrated program designed to increase flexibility and mobility to prevent injury and allow you to live pain free and in perfect form.


Pain and injury often occur when there is muscle imbalance. This means that certain muscle groups work at diminished capacity causing other muscle groups to compensate and overwork.


Often we are unaware of it but our everyday activities contribute to muscular imbalances. Some of the most common things we do that lead to these include:


  • Always sleeping on the same side or on the stomach

  • Gritting your teeth and tensing your jaws while stressed

  • Using the same leg all the time in climbing stairs

  • Putting all of your weight while standing on just one leg

  • Carrying heavy loads on just one shoulder or arm

  • Training on one side more than the other when participating in sports or activities (eg bowling or tennis)

  • Driving for long periods of time

  • Sitting hunched over your work desk for long hours


Muscular imbalances force our body to move “poorly” that lead to pain and injuries. As the best Murrieta corrective exercise specialist, I design individualized exercise  programs that address and correct these imbalances.

corrective exercise with foam roller

What is Corrective Exercise and How Does it Work?


In simple terms, corrective exercise is series of activities that re-establish muscle balance by making changes in the way one person moves.


When pain or injury occurs, it is important to establish the source in order to properly address the problem. As the best Murrieta corrective specialist, I get to the root cause of pain through a two-part assessment:


  • Physical assessment - detailed analysis of the body to determine imbalances

  • Interview - to find out about an individual’s medical history, his daily activities and even past injuries that have bearing on body movement.


Based on these detailed evaluation, an exercise regimen that includes specific activities, stretches and movements are drawn with the aim retraining how body moves so that it functions at its peak.


The exercise regimen is designed in a way that loosens tight and tense muscles while working on muscles that have gone slack.

The Benefits of Corrective Exercise

There are numerous benefits of working with best Murrieta corrective exercise specialist:


  • Pain reduction. People often seek the help of a corrective exercise specialist to help alleviate pain either acquired through bad habits or because of injury.  The added advantage is pain is controlled naturally - drug free and without resorting to surgery.


  • For athletes, improved strength and marked athletic performance


  • Helps in prevention of  injuries. Also helps in preventing recurrence of injuries


  • Helps in faster rehabilitation from sports injuries


  • Improves posture which lead to enhanced body movement


  • May help in managing weight


  • Assists in stress reduction


Ultimately, these benefits taken collectively, lead to an overall improvement in the quality of life.

What are You Waiting For?


If you are tired of waking up every morning in pain and feeling tired ….. If you want to take charge to improve your health and be the fittest you can be, call New Found Strength now.


I am the best Murrieta corrective exercise (CEx) specialist. With my help, you understand your own body and its unseen compensations due to current or past injuries. Through guided exercise and stretching techniques, you experience improvement in range of movement and relieve stress that cause pain and discomfort in the ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders & neck.


To ensure maximum results, I offer one-on-one or small group sessions that are aimed at strength and conditioning that allow you to gain (or regain) a higher level of physical performance.


CALL NOW - 951-901-8348.



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