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Best Murrieta Fitness Coach


As the best Murrieta fitness coach, Robert Lamb of New Found Strength Fitness and Nutrition can help you feel better, and get fit.  If you are seriously thinking of making a lifestyle change, a fitness coach will point you to the right path.

What Does a Fitness Coach Do?


A fitness coach helps his client lead a healthier life through a personalized exercise program supplemented with proper nutrition.  However, it goes beyond just teaching about exercises and technique.  He helps his client transform, not only his body, but his mindset and attitude. A fitness coach teaches life changing habits that yield long term results.  


What are the 5 Steps of Fitness Coaching?


  1. Evaluation of Needs and Goal Setting.  An important first step is identifying what the client hopes to achieve when he embarks on his fitness regimen.  The role of a fitness coach is to help his client achieve his personal health and fitness goals.


  2. Assessment.  As a professional, a fitness coach is trained to assess his client in a systematic and scientific manner.  This step involves taking measurements - height, weight and body mass.  He also takes note of his client’s current fitness level and any current or past injuries.  This information provides the coach with crucial data for creating the right fitness program.


  3. Program Design.  Armed with his client’s important data, a fitness coach designs a personalized program that will meet his client’s needs and goals.  This is where his training in functional exercise and exercise science come into play.  A good exercise program provides the right balance of challenge that pushes the client but will not zap his energy, and variety to keep him from becoming bored.  It is also not static but changes as the client progresses.

  4. Nutrition Plan.  A personalized exercise plan, while important, will not be as effective if not supplemented with proper diet.  A good fitness coach is able to provide a comprehensive nutrition plan for his client and educate him on the right foods to eat, portion sizes and any supplements that he may take.


  5. Monitoring and Feedback. It is important to monitor results to determine progress. This includes observation, feedback from the client and body measurements.

Having a fitness plan of exercise and healthy eating is important to stay focused.  However, motivation and drive to stick to the plan can wax and wane.  A good fitness coach is not only there to count the reps or teach techniques.  He makes sure that he gives his client the support, guidance and motivation to keep him on track.


As the best Murrieta fitness coach, I help you develop life changing habits of exercise and proper nutrition, and put you on the right path to wellness and health.

Why is Robert Lamb the Best Murrieta Fitness Coach?


You Want To Wake Up Every Morning Feeling Great.

You Want to Wake Up Full Of Energy.  

You Want To Be Fit.  

You Want To Be Healthy.  

You Want To Be Pain-Free.  


If these are your goals, Robert Lamb can help. As the best Murrieta fitness coach, I  help my clients set and more importantly, achieve their long term fitness goals to enjoy a better quality of life.


When looking for a fitness coach, he should first and foremost have the following qualities:

  • A deep understanding of the human anatomy

  • Knowledge of functional exercise and exercise science

  • Understanding of basic nutrition

  • Ability to assess and screen clients, both initially and as the training program progresses

  • Capability to design health, wellness and physical fitness programs that are tailored to fit an individual client’s particular requirements

  • Understanding of cardiovascular, flexibility and resistance exercises

  • In connection with the above, the ability to use this knowledge to execute fitness programs that are safe and effective for their clients


As the best in my field, I possess solid knowledge and training to create personalized  fitness programs for my clients.  And because I am likewise trained as a corrective exercise specialist, I am able to assist you in understanding your body and its unseen compensations due to injuries, both current and past.  This means I design exercise programs that are not only effective, they help improve flexibility and enhance your mobility.


As your fitness coach, I guide, monitor and ensure that you reach target weight loss or muscle gain through a comprehensive program that include appropriate exercises supplemented by an effective nutrition plan.

Call To Get Started

If you are ready to make life changing habits to enjoy a stronger and fitter body, I can help.



Rob Lamb of New Found Strength as the best Murrieta fitness coach will help keep you motivated and focused on your long term goals.


For a healthier and stronger you, call now at  951-901-8348.


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