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Best Murrieta Fitness Trainer


As the best Murrieta fitness trainer, New Found Strength Fitness and Nutrition guides you towards a fitter, more healthy and happier you.


A well rounded fitness training program is one that includes aerobic exercises, routines that increase muscle and core strength, balance training, as well as flexibility and mobility stretching exercises.


If your goal is improvement of muscle tone, increased energy and overall good health, while  delaying the onset of age related conditions such a hypertension or heart problems, New Found Strength Fitness and Nutrition is the best Murrieta fitness trainer, and corrective exercise specialist.


How Fit Are You?


If you are overweight and lead a sedentary lifestyle, it would be safe to say that you are most likely out of shape.  However, if you have a healthy weight or a normal Body Mass Index (BMI), it may not necessarily be an indication of how fit you are.  So, how can you tell?


There are a few indicators that you may be unfit:

  • You get out of breath easily when exerting yourself

  • You are prone to injury when engaging in physical activities

  • Your muscles ache even after just a small amount of physical exertion

  • You cannot carry heavy loads

  • You cannot touch your toes readily

  • You have trouble getting up from the floor without assistance

  • You have trouble sleeping


What You Need to Be Fit

The road to fitness and health starts with a well balanced fitness program.  As the best Murrieta fitness trainer, I make sure that all 5 elements are incorporated into a well rounded exercise plan for you.


Strength Training. Muscular training is an important component of a training program.  The goal is to increase bone strength and muscle fitness.  For it to be effective, it is important to have strength training of all major muscle groups at least twice a week.


Strength training is important for weight loss and improves your ability to perform everyday activities.


Activities to increase strength:

     ➡Working on resistance machines

     ➡Free weights

     ➡Resistance stretching and working with resistance bands

     ➡Push ups

     ➡Pull ups

     ➡Abdominal crunches

     ➡Leg Squats


Core Exercises. Core exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles of the lower back, pelvis, and the abdomen.  These make it possible to effectively use your upper and lower muscles so they move with more coordination.


Examples of core muscle exercises:

     ➡Sit ups


     ➡Fitness Ball Exercises



Aerobic Exercises.  Another important component of any exercise program are exercises that make you sweat, make the heart pump faster and cause you to breathe harder and more deeply. The effect is increased blood flow to the muscles and back to the lungs.  In short, they improve the efficiency of the circulatory system in transporting oxygen throughout the body.


The benefits of aerobic exercises

     ➡Improved circulation that help the body use oxygen more efficiently

     ➡Increased energy

     ➡Increased endurance which allows you to work out longer without getting tired

     ➡Helps in improving sleep

     ➡Helps in weight loss and maintenance

     ➡Helps reduce body fat

     ➡Helps in management of stress, tension, anxiety and depression

     ➡Helps reduce risk of developing heart disease and diabetes


Examples of aerobic exercises:




Resistance Stretching Sara

Flexibility and Stretching.  Stretching help improve flexibility. It increases range of motion in the joints.  


Better flexibility has the following benefits:

     ➡Improved performance in physical activities

     ➡Lessens risk of injuries

     ➡Helps in the joints’ range of motion

     ➡Makes your muscles work more efficiently


To stretch for flexibility, the following are recommended:

  • Stretch 30 seconds per muscle, once a day

  • Stretch from 3 to 7 times a week

For more information on resistance stretching, click here


Balance Training. Training to develop greater balance results in improved coordination, athletic skill and posture. It also stabilizes core muscles.  Improved balance results in fewer injuries. As you age, greater stability help prevent falls.


Exercises that help balance:

  • One legged balance

  • Leg Swings

  • Tai chi

  • Using balance equipment like balance boards, sturdy foam rollers, balance cushions


Reach Out To Me Today


If you ready to take charge, and live a fitter and healthier life, call  New Found Strength Fitness and Nutrition.


As the best Murrieta fitness trainer, I offer one-on-one and small group sessions that concentrate on improving your overall health by working on your strength, agility, balance and physical performance.


CALL NOW - 951-901-8348

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