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Best Temecula Flexibility Training


New Found Strength Fitness and Nutrition provides the best Murrieta flexibility training program.


What is flexibility and why is maintaining it important for you and your body?


The ability of your joints and body parts to execute their full range of motion is called flexibility.  It allows you to perform well, not only in sports but in the very activities that you often just take for granted like lifting things, bending over, tying your shoes, and even just walking.


Flexibility is what allows you to move.  In order to maintain flexibility, it is important to keep moving, as well.  Including flexibility exercises in your workout regimen is crucial to maintain the body’s ability to have full range of motion


New Found Strength Fitness and Nutrition offers the best Murrieta flexibility training.  I design a personal custom program for you that will address your specific needs using several stretching techniques.


The Benefits of Flexibility Training


Flexibility is something you took as a given when you were younger.  However, over the years, muscles slowly lose their full range of motion through bad posture habits, inactivity or sometimes, injuries.


Here are the main benefits of incorporating flexibility training in your exercise program:


  • Improves or restores full range of motion.  Muscles that are well stretched achieve full range of motion and allows your body to move better.

  • Improves balance.  Stiff and weak muscles affect how we keep our balance.

  • Prevents injury and pain.  Muscles that are well stretched make you less susceptible to injuries and back pain.

  • Gets you off to a good start or relaxes you after a long day.  A good stretch can jump start your day or can help you wind down at the end of the day.

Flexibility Training


There are several stretching techniques used in improving flexibility:


  • Static Stretching. The most basic of all techniques, it is a great introduction to stretching and prepares you for more challenging stretches as your program (and your body) progresses.  Static Stretching involves holding a position for approximately 15-30 seconds at a time.


  • Passive Stretching.  This stretch is achieved through the help of some outside assistance either through a strap, a stretching device, another person and even your own body weight.  With this technique, the target muscle is relaxed while relying on the external force to move and hold you into position.  


  • Active (Isolated) Stretching:  This stretch involves a target muscle and an active muscle.  The target of the stretch is referred to as the target muscle.  The active muscle on the other hand, is contracted in opposition to the target muscle.  This technique is different from the above as it does not use any external device or force.


  • Dynamic Stretching:  As the name implies, this technique involves movements that aim to increase range of motion at a specific joint.  These movements mimic sports movement or a specific activity.  With this technique, stretch is achieved by repeatedly going through a challenging, but comfortable range of motion.  Usually it is done through 10 to 12 repetitions.


  • Resistance Stretching: Resistance stretching involves contracting the muscles while simultaneously lengthening them.  It is considered the most effective and safe way to gain muscle flexibility as it is based on the natural way muscles stretch.  New Found Strength specializes in resistance stretching.  As an expert in this field, Robert Lamb ensures your safety by providing the best Murrieta flexibility training.


  • PNF Stretching: Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, better known as PNF stretching, is a technique that uses contract and relax actions combined with Active Isolated Stretches.  My role as your coach is to provide resistance as you also resist for 10 seconds.


  • Self-Myofascial Release: Adhesions in the fascia cause pain and discomfort. Self-myofascial release or SMR help alleviate symptoms by helping the muscles work efficiently using specific pressure techniques using foam rollers.

The Benefits of New Found Strength for Flexibility and Mobility


Robert Lamb of New Found Strength Fitness & Nutrition is an expert in the field of professional stretching and  Corrective Exercise.  I teach you proper techniques to help you lead a pain-free life. I offer the best Murrieta Flexibility training.


I offer you 3 unique sessions that you can choose from to suit your needs and requirements:


  • Small group Mobility Class teaches you how to perform stretching and SMR with maximal results. With a small class you get to interact with a group of people while enjoying supervision as you go through your flexibility training.


  • One-on-one Mobility Class offers the safest training because each routine is specifically designed to address your unique needs.


Reach Out to Me Today


If you’re looking to improve your quality of life, health, flexibility, mobility, eliminate joint pain, headaches and more, call me, the best Murrieta flexibility training provider, at 951-901-8348. Call today to be Pain Free now.


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