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Best Murrieta Pesonal Trainer


Best Murrieta Personal Trainer

Rob Lamb of New Found Strength Fitness and Nutrition is the best Murrieta personal trainer. As your partner in attaining your fitness goal, I design exercise programs that address your particular fitness issues, provide motivation and feedback and give you advice on how to achieve your goals safely and effectively.   


People have varied reasons why they exercise.  Some get into it to lose weight and get fit, some to enhance athletic abilities and some do so in preparation for a sporting event that they are joining.  While it is possible to do it on your own, engaging the help of a personal trainer will greatly improve your chances of success in achieving your goal.


What Can A Personal Trainer Do For You?


If it’s a more focused exercise program you are looking for, hiring a personal trainer to guide you is the way to go.  Your personal trainer is certified and is well versed in exercise prescription and instruction.  


This means, he is able to design a program tailor fit to meet your particular needs and requirements whether it is weight-loss motivated,  to improve flexibility and mobility, sports-driven, to fight aging, or for athletic purposes.


Before embarking on your personalized exercise program, a good personal trainer performs a fitness assessment to measure his client’s strengths and weaknesses.  And another one is performed after to measure improvements in physical fitness.


Here are the specific benefits of having a personal trainer guide you on your road to fitness:


Goal Setting and Achievement

While you may have a general idea of what you want, a personal trainer helps you define, in more specific terms, the goals that you’d want to achieve when you embark on your program.


Before embarking on your specific program, a personal trainer will take into account your current fitness level and from there decide on the plan of action you need to take to achieve your goal.


To help in achieving your goal, a personal trainer breaks it down into more specific and achievable goals.  More importantly, he provides feedback on which to gauge how you are progressing


Personalized Program  

With a personal trainer, the focus is on you and your goal.  This means he takes into consideration critical factors such as your current physical condition, level of fitness and any present or past injuries.  All these are meshed with what you want to ultimately achieve.


Supervised Instruction

A personal trainer is has extensive knowledge on functional exercise and exercise science. He uses this knowledge to reach his clients the proper way and technique to perform each exercise movement.  This not only reduces risk of injury but also ensures that the benefit of each exercise is maximized.


Because a client is taught the proper technique in doing exercise movements, he is likewise able to do these on his own safely and effectively.


Variety of Exercises

Let’s face it - whatever your motivation is, exercise can become a bore if done long enough. A good personal trainer is aware of this and keeps things interesting by including a variety of exercise methods in the routine to keep boredom away.  


What’s more, some exercises may not yield the results desired. Your personal trainer is able to address this by changing them to ones that are better suited for you while ensuring that they provide the same benefits.


As you progress towards your goal, your exercise program does not remain static.  Your personal trainer makes the necessary adjustments to sustain progress.


Motivation and Accountability

Motivation to exercise is difficult to sustain if you are doing it on your own.  A personal trainer provides the right amount of encouragement so you are able to stick to a workout routine. And because you are given the feedback of any improvements, you are given more motivation to work out.


Commitment to a regular exercise program is another common pitfall. When you are on your own, no one will call you out when you skip a session or two or even stop exercising completely. Your personal trainer will hold you and keep you accountable for your actions.


Nutrition Advice

Living a healthy and well balanced life not only includes regular exercise but healthy eating, as well. Exercise is great but it needs to supplemented with a good nutrition plan.  A personal trainer who has undergone specific nutrition training draws up a nutrition plan that supplements your exercise program.

Qualifications of a Good Personal Trainer


For your personal trainer to be able to help you, a solid background knowledge is necessary. To find the best Murrieta Personal trainer, look for:

  • Good knowledge of human anatomy

  • Extensive knowledge of functional exercise and the science of exercising

  • Basic nutritional knowledge

  • Ability to design a personalized health, wellness and exercise program that addresses the client’s needs. He takes into consideration factors such as current level of fitness, body type or any medical issues to execute a program that is safe and effective for the client.

  • Clear understanding of cardiovascular, flexibility and resistance exercises

  • Ability to assess and screen clients - before, during and after an exercise program


However, perhaps as important as his professional qualifications, he should be able to possess these personal traits so you are able to trust him to help you:

  • Patience and honesty

  • Communication skills

  • Professionalism

  • Personality

One on One VS Small Group Training

Deciding on whether to join small group training or to hire a personal trainer on a one on one basis?  It all depends on your goal.


If you are looking for training where you get a certain level of attention and help with technique, a small group training session is a good choice.  At the same time, it offers the benefit of having a group who will help motivate you to exercise.


On the other hand, a one on one session with a personal trainer provides you a more focused and supervised program.  Because the exercise program is specifically designed for you alone, you and your trainer are able to focus on your particular goal.  It is also safer because your personal trainer is able to incorporate exercises that would be well suited for your fitness level, medical conditions and even body type.

Call To Get Started

If you’re tired of excuses and getting on and off the exercise wagon, a personal trainer to keep you motivated and focused can help.  


Rob Lamb of New Found Strength, is the best Murrieta personal trainer.   For a fitter, healthier and stronger you, call now at  951-901-8348.


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