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Best Temecula Corrective Exercise Specialist


Best Temecula Corrective Exercise Specialist


As the best Temecula corrective exercise specialist, my goal is to help my clients be pain free, and increase their flexibility and mobility. 


Do you have have neck, shoulder or knee pain that you have learned to live with?  Most often, activities that we do everyday are the biggest contributors to the pain we are feeling.  


Sitting hunched over the computer, tensing the jaw and unknowingly gritting our teeth, or even engaging in lopsided sports like golf, tennis or baseball can cause certain muscle groups to work at diminished capacity.


These everyday activities that cause certain muscle groups to work at diminished capacity result in other muscle groups compensating.  This often results in having one side of the body working better than the other.   


Muscle imbalances lead to poor movement.  Poor movement leads to pain and even injuries. As the best Temecula corrective exercise specialist, I can help you with appropriate exercises that prevent pain and avoid injury.


What is Corrective Exercise?


Corrective exercise is an exercise technique designed to make changes in the way an individual moves that re-establishes muscle balance.  Simply put, these are movements designed to target and correct a problem seen in a person’s movement. The ultimate goal is the elimination of pain.


However, for this to be possible, the first step is to find the root cause of the pain.  This is done starting with a detailed analysis of a person’s body to determine any imbalances or deficits that are affecting the way he moves.  


This  analysis includes verbal assessment - client’s health history and any information that may be affecting the client’s body such as past injuries or his daily activities.  It also includes detailed assessment of the body in terms of structure and posture.


After this initial assessment, exercises specifically designed to help correct the body’s muscle imbalances and bring the body back to its normal state are prescribed.


As the best Temecula corrective exercise specialist,  I will design a corrective exercise program to meet your specific needs and goals.

Best Temecula Corrective Exercise Specialist

How Does Corrective Exercise Work?


The body works at its peak when it is at its proper posture.  However, in our daily routine, we pick up certain habits that do nothing for our posture - slouching over the computer, sitting or lying in awkward positions, etc.  Over time, these habits take their toll and our muscles respond by tightening in certain regions while loosening in other areas.  


This can cause movements to become compromised in one region of the body, and in turn cause symptoms in another part.  For example, tight calf muscles or a rotator cuff problem may be a result of a hip not in proper alignment.


Corrective exercise, through specific exercises, stretches, and movements, helps the body naturally regain balance and work in coordination and without pain.  How does it do this?  It helps loosen tense and stiff muscles while activating muscles that have gone slack.  In other words, it helps retrain the body to move as it was designed to move so that it functions at its peak.


At the same time, corrective exercise aims to eliminate negative stresses from the body. These are the main cause of pain that affect the body’s normal range of movements.  The ultimate goal of corrective exercise is to restore the body to its proper posture so that imbalances are corrected and one is able to move freely without any accompanying pain.  


The most common methods used in corrective exercise involve foam rolling, stretches and resistance training.

What are the Specific Benefits of Corrective Exercise?

  • Alleviates pain. Results can be immediate and dramatic. They may not be permanent but by regularly doing the exercises at home, it is possible to achieve similar results.


  • Controls pain through natural, drug free means and without surgery.  

  • Enhances functional and athletic performance

  • Helps in rehabilitation due to sports injuries

  • Helps prevent re-occurrence of injuries from training and sports

  • Helps in optimising posture by detecting physical weaknesses and imbalances

  • Enhances movement

  • Increases strength and sports performance

  • Assists in weight management

  • Reduces stress

  • Improves quality of life by enhancing feeling of overall sense of well being.

Reach Out to Me Today


New Found Strength specializes in designing corrective exercises to help people achieve their goals - from alleviating pain to enhancing athletic ability.   When you work with the best Temecula corrective exercise specialist, you can expect:


  • Faster, marked results due to proper alignment during exercise

  • Reduced risk of injury

  • Overall improvement in quality of life


Call me today to be Pain Free now at 951-901-8348.

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