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Best Temecula Fitness Coach


When the mind is willing but the body is weak, sometimes, it takes having someone set the direction for you to make an exercise program work.  For the best Temecula exercise coach, Robert Lamb of New Found Strength is the man to look for.

How Can An Exercise Coach Help You?


Are you looking to make a change to have a fitter and healthier lifestyle?  Deciding to take control is a crucial first step.  However, the road to fitness and wellness can be bumpy and full of challenges.  Having a good exercise coach help you along the way is your best bet for success.


An exercise coach works in a variety of settings to help individuals achieve their goals, whether to lose weight, to delay the effects of aging, to improve flexibility and mobility or to improve sports or athletic performance.


How does an exercise coach help his clients?  They do this by educating their clients on the benefits of engaging in physical exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and training them on the best exercises to use to increase their fitness.


As the best Temecula exercise coach, Robert Lamb of New Found Strength designs individualized exercise programs aimed at improving his client’s health and well being.  He uses exercises that are varied and progressive.  


Because of his special training, Robert Lamb puts emphasis on pain-free training and uses corrective exercise techniques in his exercise programs.

Qualities to Look for in an Exercise Coach


Because it is your health that is at stake, it is important to look for a fitness coach who knows what he is doing.  He should not only be able to motivate you to achieve your goals, he should be armed with solid knowledge on how the body works and how nutrition plays an important role in an exercise program.  

One size does not fit all.  He should tailor a program specific to your fitness level.  Your fitness coach should have:


  • Extensive knowledge of the human anatomy

  • Training in functional exercise and exercise science

  • Ability to assess clients, both at the start of the training and as the program progresses

  • Knowledge of cardiovascular, as well as flexibility and resistance exercises

  • Understanding of basic nutrition

  • Ability to design individualized health, wellness and physical programs that meet specific client’s needs

  • Knowledge to design and execute exercise programs that are both safe and effective

Advantages of Signing Up with an Exercise Coach

As the best Temecula exercise coach, I work to help my clients achieve their goals.  Here are just some of the benefits of working with me:


  • You may have a general idea of what you want.  As your exercise coach, I help you define, in more specific terms, the goals that you’d want to achieve when you embark on your program.  Not only do we work with your short term goals - losing 20 lbs for example; we work to set your long term fitness goals that let you enjoy a better quality of life and ultimately avoid the negative effects of aging.


  • I have extensive training in fitness and exercise.  I pass on this training to you by teaching you how to work out effectively and efficiently while minimizing the risk of injury.  I teach you the importance of keeping active to become fit and stay healthy.


  • As an exercise coach, I am not there to just count reps.  I guide, monitor and ensure that you achieve your goal through proper nutrition and the use of various exercise methods


  • My specialized training as a corrective exercise expert helps me design a program that takes into consideration your body’s unseen compensations due to injuries, whether current or past.  


I incorporate exercises into your program that help you increase your range of motion and improve and relieve any discomforts you may be experiencing. This ensures that you are better able to stick to your exercise program to achieve both your short term and long term goals.


  • Admittedly, sticking to an exercise program can be challenging.  You may be tempted to slack off or even stop completely without proper motivation and encouragement. As the best Temecula exercise coach, I provide the right amount of motivation and encouragement so you are able to continue with your program.

Best Temecula Exercise Coach


Rob Lamb of New Found Strength, is the best Temecula Exercise Coach.  If your health is important to you and would like to make life long changes in the way you exercise, eat and live, call today for a free consultation at 951-901-8348  


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