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Best Temecula Fitness Coach


What is a Fitness Coach?


Looking to change your life, be the best version of yourself now, healthwise?  Let Robert Lamb of New Found Fitness and Nutrition, best Temecula fitness coach, help you start on your life changing journey.


Is a Fitness Coach the same as a Personal Trainer?  Well, yes and no.  Both play similar roles in terms of achieving your fitness goals.


A personal trainer helps you with your fitness program.  He designs and supervises your exercise regime and make appropriate modifications to suit your needs.  He helps you achieve your short term goals - lose 25 pounds, get those killer abs, be able to lift in the next weight class.   He guides you through the physical side of exercising, helping your body and muscles adapt and work past their previous physical limitations.  He also teaches how to utilize your body without sustaining an injury.


With a fitness coach, you get all of the above and then you sit down to discuss life goals. Perhaps this is the most important distinction.  He helps you look into making a lifestyle change and adapt an exercise program that you can live with for the rest of your life.  He provides advanced fitness assessments, fitness programming, as well as, nutrition planning and advice aimed at helping clients as they go through their different life stages.  


A fitness coach works to draw out in you what you are capable of doing.  He goes beyond developing you physically.  He puts more emphasis on the mental side of getting fit and healthy, and making long-term lifestyle changes.


So if your personal trainer is there to achieve your short term goals and then be with you to make a lifestyle change towards a fitter, healthier life, then he is also a fitness coach.


If you are looking for the best Temecula fitness coach, Robert Lamb of New Found Strength is the man to look for.

Why is Robert Lamb is the Best Temecula Fitness Coach?


As a fitness coach, I help you set your long term fitness goals so you are able to enjoy a better quality of life and avoid a long, expensive and painful decline as you age.


Having undergone training in fitness and exercise, I teach you how to effectively and efficiently work out while reducing the risk of injury.  I put emphasis on teaching and mentoring so you know learn the importance of keeping active to keep healthy and fit.  


I guide, monitor and ensure that you reach target weight loss or muscle gain.  This we achieve through a holistic approach of proper nutrition and the use of correct methods of weight training and cardio programs.


I am not only a fitness coach, I have specialized training as a corrective exercise specialist. Because of this, I am able to assist you in understanding your body and its unseen compensations due to injuries, both current and past.  


Based on your specific goals and particular needs, I design exercises that help you increase your comfortable and unrestricted range of motion, improve and relieve any discomfort, pain or stiffness in the ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulder and neck.  An exercise program that specifically addresses your issues ensures that you are able to stick to it, not only in the short term but more importantly, on a long term basis.


As the best Temecula fitness coach, I provide the motivation and encouragement you need to make necessary changes in the way you exercise, eat and live so you emerge as the better, fitter and healthier you.

Call To Get Started

Ready to take control of your body and your life? Let a fitness coach show you how.  



Rob Lamb of New Found Strength as the best Temecula fitness coach will help keep motivated and focused on your long term goals.


For a fitter, healthier and stronger you, call now at  951-901-8348.


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