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Best Temecula Fitness Trainer


Best Temecula Fitness Trainer


Tired of being tired all the time?  Do you want to be fit and healthy?  Wake up every morning feeling great with my help.  As the best Temecula Fitness trainer, New Found Strength Fitness and Nutrition helps you achieve all these and more.


Unlike specialized programs that work towards specific goals of conditioning for a sports competition or developing larger muscles, fitness training works towards broad goals of overall health and well being.


A good fitness training program when done properly gives one good muscle tone, healthy skin, hair and nails while preventing onset of age related conditions such as heart or organ failures that accompany inactivity and poor diet.


The 5 Elements of a Well Rounded Fitness Routine


A good fitness training program balances five elements of good health.  As the best Temecula fitness trainer I make sure the routine I design includes:


  • Aerobic Fitness.  This is also known as cardio or endurance activity.  Aerobic activities like walking, cycling or running causes you to breathe faster and more deeply.  This increases the amount of oxygen in the blood.  At the same time, such activities cause the heart to pump faster, increasing blood flow to the muscles and back to the lungs.


As a person’s aerobic fitness improves, the more efficiently does the circulatory system (heart, lungs and blood vessels) work to transport oxygen throughout the body.


For good results, 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week, spread over the course of the week is recommended for healthy adults.


  • Strength Training.  Another key component of a fitness training program is muscular fitness.  Strength training aims to increase bone strength and muscle fitness.  Strength training can help you in weight loss and improves your ability to perform everyday activities.


Resistance machines, free weights and similar tools are used to increase muscular strength.  Activities such as pushups, pull ups, abdominal crunches and leg squats are also part of a strength training routine.


A good fitness program includes strength training of all the major muscle groups at least twice a week.


  • Core Exercises.  Core muscles protect the back and connect upper and lower body movements.  The muscles of the lower back, pelvis, as well as, the abdomen are known as the core muscles.


Core exercises strengthen muscles so they are able to support the spine well and enable you to more effectively use your upper and lower muscles.


What are examples of core exercises?



     ➡Sit Ups

     ➡Fitness Ball Exercises


  • Balance Training.  As the name implies, balance training exercises help you maintain balance, no matter what age you are. In healthy adults, balance training also helps stabilize core muscles.


However, balance training becomes more important in older adults as balance tends to deteriorate as people age making them prone to falls and fractures.


What are examples of balance exercises? Standing on one leg for increasing periods of time is one. Tai Chi, a form of Chinese martial arts using slow, controlled movements is excellent in developing balance.

Flexiility andMobility
  • Flexibility and Stretching. Proper stretching is important for flexibility, range of (joint) motion and injury prevention.  Or more information on mobility and flexibility, click here  ( the word here links to the mobility blog article)


What are its added benefits?

     ➡relaxes body muscles

     ➡reduces anxiety

     ➡removes internal scar tissue

     ➡breaks down excessive layers of Fascia

     ➡improves the circulation of blood and nutrients to your cartilage and muscles.


Ideally, stretching should be done each time you exercise.  However, when regular exercise is not possible, stretching exercises should be done two to three times a week after sufficiently warming up to maintain flexibility.  For more information on stretching click here


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Live a fuller, healthier life today. Call New Found Strength and experience the difference of having the best Temecula fitness trainer guide you to fitness.


I offer one-on-one and small group sessions that concentrate on improving your overall health by working on your strength, agility, balance and physical performance.



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