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My own health story is deeply connected to TOUCHSTONE ESSENTIALS. In Febuary 2015, I developed Adrenal-failure, Hypothyroidism and other endocrine issues.  Western Medicine wasn't doing anything to solve the issue.  Through my research I learned that I could likely improve my condition with Green-Energy and Essentials. It worked, with in weeks I was starting to have less symptoms.  

TOUCHSTONE ESSENTIALS is a completely all natural group of products that will provide your body with incredibly clean and wholesome vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, antioxidants or cleanse your system at its deepest level.

I very highly recommend the Green Energy product for its incredible Digestive Enzymes.  As it helps your GI Tract function better your immune system is going to get a boost and your whole body will thank you.

There are so many toxic exposures around us in our environment that we muct take extra precautions and use antioxidants. The Essential product is that extra precaution against cellular damage that could otherwise manifest in terrible ways.  I highly recommend Essential as it gives you body the protection that it needs.

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