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Ask about the money-back-garuntee for body fat loss


The industry standard pricing is $80+/hour at gym locations for experienced trainers and $100+/hour at in-home locations and I will continue to stay well below that cost.




*Hourly session rates to the monthly total, as follows below, are based on 4 week months.  

**The monthly cost below will often be affected due to a partial fifth week.  

Training will be purchased for each month based on total number of sessions planned for the month. 

*You aren’t forced to buy training that you won’t use. 

-Payment is required in full prior to any and all sessions or services/classes starting.

Studio Location,
Single person,-Hourly session: You get many perks outside of training that you will *not get with other trainers)

$57@1 session/week    


$52@2 sessions/week   


$47@3 sessions/week                  

Studio Location,
2-3 person group,-Hourly session:

$31@1 session/week/person   


$26@2 sessions/week/person    


$21@3 sessions/week/person 

IN-Home Temecula Location,
Single person,-Hourly session:

$90 @1 session/week 


$85 @2 sessions/week 


$80 @3 sessions/week 

In Home training costs vary on location; further from the studio location increases prices.

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