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Classes have been postponed at this time. See the RPR & Resistance Stretching page for 1-on-1 sessions.



If you'd like more information on creating a "custom" small group class, please reach out to me via email or call me at 951-901-8348.




This class is designed to provide everything you need to become self-sufficient in working on your mobility and flexibility, and to remove tension and pain.  Learn the techniques to improve your flexibility and increase your mobility, in a pain-free way

You will learn the proper stretches, including Self Resistance Stretching and SMR (Self Myofascial Release) techniques, including Foam Rolling.

These methods will remove more tension and discomfort than you can possibly imagine.  The results of these techniques will allow you to move more freely and comfortably.   And then it's self-fulfilling.  Because you have the ability to move easily and comfortably, you move more, and therefore keep more mobility and flexibility.  How cool is that?


For details on this class, and/or to register now, click here.



This class is designed to provide everything you need to know specifically about foam rolling techniques, also known as the scarier sounding term Self-Myofascial Release, or SMR.

Foam rollers are tools that, using the proper techniques, can be used to improve the function of your muscular connective tissues (think of tendons, ligaments, etc.)


In brief, the technique involves slowly rolling different parts of the body over a foam tube.   I know it sounds way too simple.  It's all about using the proper technique, and learning that technique or various areas of the body so you can bring relief to muscle pain, improve your flexibility, reduce pain or soreness you have after a workout, recover faster from injuries, and even improve general athletic performance.    

Pretty Impressive!

Right now, we do not have any open foam roller group classes.  However, if you have interest in getting in on a new one, or would like to chat with me about a one-on-one session to learn the techniques, please email me, or call me at 951-901-8348.


See the RPR & Resistance Stretching page for 1-on-1 sessions.

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