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Resistance Stretching To Be Pain Free


Resistance Stretching and Why It Works


Resistance Stretching is the most effective and efficient stretching technique in the world.   It will improve health and overall body function.


We often underestimate the importance of stretching. But incorporating stretching, not just into your daily workout,  but into your day’s routine, does wonders for your health, body functioning, and even your outlook on life.


Proper stretching is important for flexibility, range of (joint) motion and injury prevention.  It relaxes body muscles, reduces anxiety, removes internal scar tissue, breaks down excessive layers of Fascia, and it improves the circulation of blood and nutrients to your cartilage and muscles.


However, it is a rare occurrence that a person is actually stretching effective and efficiently.


If you have already integrated stretching into your regular routine, I have good news for you. It can get even better and more beneficial. If you haven’t integrated stretching into your daily routine,  then, pay attention.  


The Most Effective Stretching Technique In The World - It’s Revolutionary!


New Found Strength Fitness specializes in a revolutionary technique that aims to give you maximum flexibility and mobility.  In a nutshell here is how it works:


After assessing and identifying tightness in your body, we provide guided resistance while you contract target muscle groups while they are being elongated at the same time.   I know this sounds a little complicated, lie patting your head and rubbing your stomach t the same time, but it really isn’t.  

The key is that a skilled individual is providing guided resistance and controlling the path of the elongation to ensure the movement provides an actual stretch versus a useless struggle against another person.  This is the most effective and efficient stretching technique in the world.

The Details: What Is Resistance Stretching?


Resistance stretching is a technique developed by Bob Cooley.  This style of stretching movements is actually called Resistance Flexibility Stretching Techniques or RFST.  RFST was developed out of need for a more effective way of rehabilitation through stretching.


In 1978, Bob Cooley was involved in a very serious car accident.  In his quest for rehabilitation, he discovered that muscles only truly stretch when they contract while being lengthened.  He found that this is the natural way that muscles stretch and you can see examples in animals.


This technique of contracting muscles while lengthening them has come to be called Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training (RFST).   RFST is rehabilitative in nature and is a perfect adjunct to physical therapy when a person is released from formal PT.   


The system restores balance in the body in incredibly deep ways and the stretches actually coincide with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meridians.   RFST affects deep changes in the body beyond the muscle groups and even the mind, but we’ll leave those details for another article soon.

More Details: What Is PNF Stretching?


PNF stands for Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.  This is an advanced stretching technique that entails both contracting and relaxing particular muscle groups while in specific positions to acquire a stretch.


PNF was initially developed and used in rehabilitative therapy in the 1940’s.  It was intended to help in recovery of people who suffered a stroke or paralysis and returning war veterans. However, PNF gained the attention of physiotherapists and then fitness experts because of its efficacy, not only for people who are stroke or paralysis victims but for all people aiming to improve their health through stretching.

PNF Stretching

Advantages of Resistance and PNF Stretching


The general result of Resistance and PNF Stretching is an increase in one’s comfortable range of (joint) motion due to tissue flexibility. This means improved and easier movement patterns, an increase in muscular strength and performance enhancement. It also contributes to decreased pain, tension, movement compensation/deviation and risk of injury and re-injury.


Experience a Whole Range of Benefits with This Revolutionary Technique


New Found Strength Fitness specializes in RFST and PNF stretching.  More than flexibility, the technique offers these following benefits:

Increase in:

  • Tissue flexibility

  • Comfortable range of motion

  • Optimal posture

  • Functional and athletic performance

  • Core strength

  • Performance enhancement

  • Blood circulation

  • General feeling of well-being

  • Myofascial release


Reduction of:

  • Muscular tension

  • Chronic Pain

  • Aching joints

  • Weakness and imbalance

  • Stress and tension

  • Initial injury

  • Re-injury


With all these amazing merits, it is no wonder Resistance and PNF Stretching is touted as the most effective and efficient stretching technique in the world.  Professional athletes in-the-know seek out the skilled Elite Trainers of RFST to maintain their edge. People of all walks of life dealing with debilitating pain find relief when they’d given up hope.

Be Healthy, Be Happy


At New Found Strength Fitness & Nutrition, this is both motto and goal - Be Healthy, Be Happy.   After all, it is much more difficult to find happiness when your health is not at its best.  


With the combined Resistance and PNF techniques of stretching, I will help you improve your quality of life.  Continued use of these techniques results in immediate, cumulative and best of all, permanent increase in flexibility and mobility.  


And, even better, it results in pain free stretching and a pain free life while protecting you from injuring yourself by over-stretching or wasting time with much less effective techniques.


While a majority of people do realize the value of good stretching, few take time to do it. Some lack the energy to devote time to do it or at times, their muscles having actually become so tight that unassisted attempts may be more dangerous than beneficial.  The fact is that assisted stretching means that you don’t even need to know how to stretch at all in the first place.  

The Safe Way to Do it


Currently, I am the only one offering this stretching technique south of Los Angeles.  To guarantee that we do it effectively and with your utmost safety in mind, I take time to do things correctly.  I follow a standard set of steps when we undertake a program to improve your quality of life:


  • Initial Interview. We take time to discuss your health history and symptoms you may be feeling. Your needs and any possible concerns are of utmost importance to me.


  • Movement Assessments.   Sessions begin with movement screens to identify where and how the body is in compensation due to excessive muscular tightness. The movement-screens are combined with your symptoms to create an action plan specific for your needs.  The session ends with the same movement screen to assess the actual changes that we made and show you how much better you move and feel while moving.


  • Session Proper.  Stretches are conducted laying on a table and sometimes in a seated position.  The techniques used are a combination of, and typically follow this order:


  1. Passive stretches; Again assess the joint’s function but without your body weight.  This is just a few moments.

  2. RFST:  Minding the action plan designed from the assessments, we begin with a very light intensity and safely increase that.   It is necessary to repeat the same stretch pattern many times.   As we are resisting each other, this does become tiresome as if one were exercising.


  1. PNF: (1) Contract/Hold & (2) Contract/Relax non-movements/movements to teach the brain to engage just the desired muscles and then to release them.


  • Post Session. The session ends with the same movement screen to assess the actual changes that we made and show you how much better you move and feel while moving.   Further, we look for how you physically and emotionally feel.


Each session starts with instruction on proper breathing techniques that ensure your ability to maintain control, decrease any anxiety, and maximize the possible results from the stretching.   These same techniques will benefit and assist you to fall asleep better


At the end of the session, I will offer & instruct you on suggestions for self-stretching that you can do between your sessions at New Found Strength Fitness & Nutrition.  This will propel your results to greater levels and begin to make you an informed and more movement-aware person.


New Found Strength Fitness & Nutrition offers reasonably priced 60 minute and 90 minute sessions. Both are guaranteed to give you the most effective and efficient stretching technique in the world.  Further, private and group mobility class are taught every month to ensure that you become knowledgeable and self-sufficient.


Reach Out to Me Today


If you are looking to improve your health, flexibility and mobility, call me at 951-901-8348. Call today to be Pain Free now.



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