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Testimonial: From difficult pregnancy and scoliosis to great core strength and able to exercise safely and regularly

"There's no cap or anything, I can try anything". These are the words that are very different than Chanalin was able to say or think about her unstable spine just one year prior.

She had a 25 year history of a bad back and although she’d found decent therapy in the past, they had never told her how to exercise.  In fact, they told her not to exercise but that only led to the eventual demise of back condition and her life.

At New Found Strength, she became strong and empowered and learned so much about her body.  She learned to loosen tight muscles via Self-Resistance-Stretching, strengthen the weak, handle the rigors of life, how to exercise and tone her body and lose baby-weight.  As she said, she is empowered to take her life back! 

Chanalin was able to be a physically active part of her family moving to Utah where as a year ago, she would have watched from the side lines.  She can now handle the rigors of her life and a 2 year old!

Congratulations Chanalin, amazing job.

Testimonial: Sports Performance and chronic pain relief for a surgeon

An avid golfer and basketball player describes how he returned from chronic lower back pain and neck pain to play the games he loves all due to the Resistance-Stretching at New Found Strength of Temecula.  Seven Chiropractors had done nothing for him but at the first session of resistance-stretching he received relief like nothing he thought possible.  The results just kept continuing for him which is why he would drive over an hour from the coast only so as to get a session.  Resistance Stretching has continued to make all the difference in the world to his golf and basketball games as every "tweaked" muscle is fixed weekly, he plays better and harder than has has for many many years.  Combining the stretching with the Corrective Exercise Specialty of New Found Strength, he has learned how his movement compensations were robbing him of strength, speed and power.   As a movement specialist, Robert Lamb of New Found Strength of Temecula has enabled Dr Mitchell to once again compete at high levels in basketball and Tathata-style golf. 

Testimonial: Neuro-Rehab; from a cane to running again

Anna sustained a TBI from electrocution and lost a noticeable amount of neuromuscular control.  She came to New Found Strength for the rehabilitative training to complete what Physical Therapy did not, which was a great deal.  A mobility, strength and neuro-redevelopmental program was created and continually adjusted to take her from being fairly dependent to very independent and actually running again.  

Anna maintained amazing committment to all of the details and performed all of her Rehab-homework.  


As I am "Your Corrective Exercise Specialist of Temecula" I can help you also with your rehabilitation needs once you're released from PTherapy.  Likewise, I am a Soft-Tissue Specialist and have unique training beyond the average personal trainer.


Congratulations to Anna but this wasn't luck, you work hard and you've earned your reward!

Testimonial: Ongoing Rehabilitation

Rich sustained 3 TIA strokes and after PT started training with Rob so as to continue regaining critical skills that had been impaired.                                                                                       

A well-constructed, intense, and task-oriented skills learning program was created and implemented. Movement patterns had to be relearned or changed for the better and Rich became much sturdier, gained more balance and increased his physical strength endurance and awareness to not be a fall risk.  

Task-oriented training for sitting, standing and walking were goals for daily activities that were addressed to improve his physical quality of life, maintain independence and prepare for frequent trips abroad.    

As of May 2018, Rich has been training with Rob for over 7 years.

Testimonial: A Mom and a Spartan

Jody has always worked out and been active but found that she was getting hurt and she needed a safe yet challenging environment to learn and push hard safely.  She is mountain running Spartan, yet has that desk job also.  The 6-pack eluded her until she received proper guidance at New Found Strength.  Congrats on that 6-pack Jody!

Testimonial: Learning her body so she can change it.

Chanalin had terrible back issues for 2 decades from difficult pregnancies. This caused her to have to ignore pain signals, but that lead to ignoring every signal from her body.  She learned how to listen them and heal her body.

New Found Strength with Corrective Exercise and Resistance Stretching was the rescue. Chanalin is not only safely stronger with a solid foundation of core strength, but she knows how to safely exercise on her own and protect herself from future injuries.

New Found Strength specializes in the cases where the typical trainer would shy away from taking. Due to on going specialized training that absolutely no other trainer in southern California has, I am able to produce more therapeutic results for difficult cases in shorter periods of time than most physical therapists.

Resistance Stretching is a unique and little known technique which is the most effective method for releasing tension and muscular imbalances in the body. Resistance Stretching is not resistance training. This system produces amazing results.

Testimonial: Post Hip Replacement Training and Mobility

Melanie is too young to be in pain.  After her hip replacement she needed to learn how to move safely to regain her pre-surgery body.  At New Found Strength she has regained more mobility than she's had in 15 years and is moving quickly, safely and with balance and strength.  Her surgeon is amazed with her mobility.  Resistance Stretching was key to Melanie's fast improvement.


New Found Strength provides detailed, safe and caring Corrective Exercise for many issues from weak core to knee and hip replacements rehabilitation. 

This shows the first time in over 13 years that Melanie has sat cross-legged. Previous tightness made it painfully and physically impossible until she found Resistance-Stretching.

Testimonial: Mobility for a Pain-free Independent life

Walkyria is 80 and has been with NFS for 4+ years.  She has realized that learning to stretch will help her stay pain-free, strong & balanced so that she can continue living an active and independent life.

She routinely has the 1-on-1 Assisted Resistance Stretching sessions to maintain her life as she enjoys it now.

Testimonials from FaceBook:



I walked the best I have in a year and a half today after my appointment with Robert Dean Lamb. Going to take videos to compare. It almost felt familiar to a regular ol' walk, as if the ground stopped rolling around under my feet. Thank you Robert Dean Lamb.

(see the video above)


Nov 14, 2016



 I travel 100,000+ miles per year attending medical conferences that last 12-16 hours as a patient advocate and researcher in heart health. Chiropractic, massage and acupuncture would get me out of pain after each trip but there wasn't a way to stay that way. I've done Pilates for years and even put down the chunk of change for Egoscue. They helped...a little yet were not adaptive or easy to take on the road. I really thought I needed physical therapy.

I'm not looking for strength training or weight loss. I wanted to be able to schlep my carry-on, hoist it into the overhead, sit through hours of lectures while live tweeting (talk about repetitive motion!) and not have to decide every night between sleep in a warm bath or pain meds. I wanted to feel 40 again, not almost 60.

I was skeptical of ARS; Assisted Resistance Stretching because it's little known in the mainstream. But if you don't try new things, you don't learn. The plan was twice a week sessions during the one month in the summer I don't travel. It was a little time and money to invest. I had session and was giving relatively easy homework exercises: Inchworms? Crawling? Calf stretches? Really? I faithfully did my homework. I saw improvement.

The first test was when I returned to my travel schedule. With a collapsible foam roller, lacrosse balls and a hotel towel, I was able to replicate what I had been taught. After each trip, I was less sore and Robert Dean Lamb adapted my homework as my needs changed. I continue to do reformer Pilates when I'm home for strength but ARS/PNF is something I can take on the road, do in a hotel room and not ponder pain med options.

The real test was when I had an AFib (atrial fibrillation) event for 6 hours. As a side effect of this potentially deadly arrhythmia, I will curl up in a protective stance because of the pain and fear of the symptoms. In the past, it is usually a 1:2 ratio of 1 hour of AFib = 2 hours of recovery. I called to cancel my session with Robert Dean Lamb yet he said, 'Come in. I can help.' I was ready to bolt at the first hint of pain. Slowly, carefully, gently, he was able to relax my arms, shoulders and chest muscles without pain. Instead of 12 hours of recovery, it was 4. IF I had gone to him immediately after the AFib event, I'm confident it would have been less. I have since recommended ARS and PNF to members on my AFib support forum with great success.

One other thing to note is that I take blood thinners to reduce my risk of a devastating AFib stroke. Not once have I bruised or had torn skin because ofRobert Dean Lamb's treatments.

For those who are healthcare clinicians, this is a great adjunct to any wellness program you recommend to patients. It is for all activity types and ages and, most important, may help prevent those injuries requiring physical therapy.

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May 21, 2017: 



I'm so glad I found such a competent corrective exercise specialist! You're great at what you do Robert Dean Lamb at New Found Strength, Fitness & Nutrition, and your incredible skill, knowledge and motivation has changed my life! Thank you!

(see the video above)

May 21, 2017:




The 9 benefits of Corrective Exercise are exactly what I have experienced going to Robert Dean Lamb at New Found Strength, Fitness & Nutrition. I really feel like a new person after a year of training! Thank you Rob for your dedication and patience.

May 21, 2017 about Corrective Exercise of New Found Strength F & N:




Can I say ditto ditto ditto to what Melanie and Jolene said (above)!? But really having chronic illness like I do struggling for 14 years and then I met Robert Dean Lamb! I'm so over the top excited to share my gained mobility in just working with him for a little over a year now. Everyone needs a Robert Dean Lamb in their lives! Highly recommend!

Here is the link to this post, May 21, 2017:




Rob is well versed in this (Corrective Exercise) specialty. He has added miles to my walk, and given stability to me when life itself was kicking my butt. He is thorough with his explanations. Flexibility, narrowing in on a problem area, resolving that problem area, balance, and pain reduction are a few ways this has directly affected me in a positive way.

Here is the link to this post, May 22, 2017

Things my clients text:


April Gilbert, mother of young athlete client: 

Thank you for all the great information, we've never had a trainer that kept us so informed on training and nutrition.  I this is going to be a great experience for all of us.  ...we have had lots of trainers and never did one of them take this much interest.  Thank you

Here is the link to this post

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"As a matter of fact I have the absolute best and most educated trainer in the world huh Mr. Rob Lamb. Lol couldn't have done it without him!!"  Jackie Bailey       

Healthy-Weight-Gain Story

"With the help of New Found Strength. Rob has helped me gain weight. I was down to 91 lbs. My energy level was nonexistent! I've followed the menu plans that were made for me. I'm very excited to say I've gained 10 lbs. and my energy level has greatly improved. I look forward to maintaining this weight and gaining more. Thanks for all the help."

                                                                                                                            Mary Mendenhall 

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